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Atlanta, GA 30309


Eco Denizen is Midtown, Atlanta's shopping destination for all of your gifting needs. We have a curated selection of handmade and local goods as well as unique items featuring lighting, jewelry, fragrances, home decor and more. 

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Our Story


At Eco Denizen we are focused on finding products and designing spaces that are better for you and the planet.  The business is centered around our 1300 sf flagship Atlanta store where there is a continuing effort to curate the most thoughtful line-up of great gifts and ideas.  

Meet the Owners

Gene Cox

Gene Cox is a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans and has earned the professional credential LEED® Green Associate given by the United States Green Building Council® (USGBC). 

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Xiorelis P. Cox

Xiorelis Cox holds a masters degree from Ball State University College of Architecture & Planning. A professionally credentialed LEED® Green Associate, she is affiliated with the United States Green Build Council® (USGBC), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). She specializes in creating indoor environments using materials that emphasize beauty while protecting our environment and conserving energy.

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