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Why We Like: All Natural Perfume


Why We Like: All Natural Perfume

Gene Cox


Admittedly we have been quite intrigued lately by aromatherapy.  After researching the ways essential oil and fragrance impact our bodies we began looking for a line of perfumes and sprays that fit the mold.

Acorelle features French-made fragrances where their entire goal is to keep the experience upscale and “real”.  Organic alcohol is used and so are natural fragrance materials.  Our customers who have sampled the products tell us the perfumes make you smile whether you love that particular fragrance or not.

Due to the fact that there are no phthalates or synthetics injected into the formulas the product is clearly more light and fresh than the regular fragrances on the market.  Some of the perfume names alone are attention-grabbing: White Orchid, Bamboo Lotus, Citrus Verbenal, etc.

Earlier this year Well+Good NYC published a list of nine “amazing all natural” perfumes.  Have a look at the list here maybe you have one on your dresser.