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Eco Denizen is Midtown, Atlanta's shopping destination for all of your gifting needs. We have a curated selection of handmade and local goods as well as unique items featuring lighting, jewelry, fragrances, home decor and more. 

The Art of Writing


The Art of Writing

Gene Cox

When is the last time you wrote a letter by hand?  According to this article, there are many health benefits to writing, 7 to be exact. 

Check out our cheat-sheet on how to make writing by hand fun again.  

Write With

Graphite pencils from Batle Studio. Embrace your innate artist and find your perfect graphite object. They write like a pencil (only smoother) and won't rub off on your hands.  

Write In 

                                  Large Shinoba hardcover notebook, $19.95

                                  Large Shinoba hardcover notebook, $19.95

Shinola journals. These handmade journals are produced using paper sourced from sustainably managed North American forests.  Check out the process on how they make each notebook here.

Write To

An old friend. Nothing is better than receiving a hand-written letter in the mail from an old pal. Say hi, catch them up on what's happening in your life and use your best penmanship.


Happy Writing!