Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mom’s

Bring some Snacks and Water, and get ready for true family teamwork. It is not only good for the environment to explore the city this way; it is good for your health. The Pedal Pub is the most personal tour to be with your mom and your family. Everyone sits together around the table looking at each other and pedaling to places. Help each other pedal, while you discover the city. 

Family Private Pedal Pub Tour at a Stop Saying Hi


You can also purchase drinks and food at their strategic stops. The “HISTORY meets PUB CRAWL” tour is the one that sounds more appropriate for Mother’s Day or family time. 

Private Tour Image to Book a Pedal Pub

Support the Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden is probably the most popular Garden of all due to their constant engagement in activities and plant-based art. They are always adding activities to make it more engaging to visitors. 

Definitely visit these things if you go:

The Orchid Room, where there is an enclosed room full of flowers to smell.

The Tropical Room, which is one of the most favorite adapted temperature rooms they have, where you do not have to travel to the tropics to see their native plants.

Their bridge or Canopy Walk lets you observe their tallest trees at different angles; the work is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering, and the effort placed in its construction can be noticed—in their amazing structure together with the trees, creating a magical path. 

The Earth goddess

Which is their most astonishing piece of plant-based art. 

You can make this visit even more significant by buying her a plant. The bug eaters are fun but they also have really cool birdhouses. 

But we saved the BEST for last!

You can visit Eco Denizen Midtown, where your mom can choose her own gift. Some Eco favorites are:

Any Product Sonoma Lavender, 

because it supports the producers of Lavender and keeps Rebecca and Gary Rosenberg's lavender farm alive. 

At the store Your mom can see and feel our best sellers:

  1. Lavender Spa Footies

Which would be a delight to any mom’s feet. They can be both microwaved or cooled to help her feet relax and soothe. 

Spa Footies
  • The Heat Wrap Lavender
  • Similar function to the Lavender Spa Footies, but the advantage is it can be used in other areas, like on the back, legs, arms and more.

    Lilac Dot Wrap

  • Neck Pillow Lavender Dot
  • And all they come with a cute ribbon.

    Neck Pillow Image with Darker Lilac Bow

    Support Eco Denizen Online

    Katherine F. first opened the online shop in 2019 back at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in efforts to help the original store location in Atlanta Midtown. Which had closed for months, before resuming operations. 

    If you are from Atlanta, but your mom is not in the same location as you, then Eco Denizen Online is perfect for you.

    But also if you live with your mom, because you can surprise her with a ready arrival at the door—a gift that she did not know about. 

    The sustainable gifts that you can select from online are:

  • Pedi Delight Sampler - Honey Heel, Honey Lavender & Honey Chai 
  • Contains the best seller Glaze from Farmhouse Fresh®, the Honey Heel Glaze®, which is a treat to herself. Nothing better than to support her skincare and wellbeing. 

    Set of Three Pedi Lotions

    SHOP Pedi Delight Sampler

  • Radiance Maker Gift Box
  • For a younger-looking complexion. But not only that, any purchase from Farmhouse Fresh® helps them rescue and care for forgotten, neglected and abused farm animals that come to live at our FHF Sanctuary.

    Set of three radiance maker lotions

  • SHOP Radiance Maker Gift Box

  • In a few words, you could benefit your mom’s health and express your love in many ways that are also sustainable—with the pedal tour, a walk at the gardens, a relaxing time at home with the help of Sonoma lavender, and even an unexpected surprise, like a FHF product or set.