EcoDenizen - Atlanta gift shop located in Midtown Atlanta featuring locally-made goods and gifts by Atlanta artists.

Eco Denizen is a family-owned business derived from the idea that products and services can be both better for people and the planet. We believe Eco Denizens are citizens with the courage to chart their own course, who want to shape their lives into their own vision.





EcoDenizen was founded in 2011 by partners Xiorelis Cox, Gene Cox and Elvis Ferrer. The trio wanted to share their passion for design and eco-friendly products by creating a retail outlet that showcased a curated, hard-to-find selection of environmentally sustainable products to the public.

The store's early inventory featured a wide range of sustainable collections from cleaning products to outdoor goods and eco-friendly home remodeling items. As they continued to listen to their customers' needs and respond to the dynamic Midtown Atlanta neighborhood's demands, EcoDenizen evolved to become the premier Atlanta gift shop it is today.



Throughout its evolution, EcoDenizen has remained committed to the concept of sustainability. We select local, fair-trade, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products to offer our customers. Our gift collections feature items that are handmade, locally sourced, from the USA, without BPA, recycled, and / or cruelty-free.




The perfect gift, every time. That is our promise to our customers. We do the

hard work of sourcing and curating hard-to-find, unique and just-right gifts and goods that meet our customers distinct tastes.

In-store, we provide a custom shopping experience for each of our customers.  Our founder, Xiore Cox and the EcoDenizen staff take time to engage each visitor to our midtown Atlanta gift shop. We listen carefully to your gifting needs and guide you to selecting the perfect gift the recipient and the occasion. It's like having your own personal gift shopper!

Online, we spend hours searching and curating only the most unique specialty gifts and goods that meet our standards for sustainability. The result? A one-of-a-kind collection of curious, elegant and eco-friendly items that will elevate your life and home.

With the support of Midtown Atlanta residents, workers and neighbors, EcoDenizen has become one of Atlanta's premier specialty gift shops serving locals and visitors.

Thank you for your continued support!