About Us

Eco Denizen is a family-owned business derived from the idea that products and services can be both better for people and planet. We believe Eco Denizens are citizens with the courage to chart their own course, who want to shape their lives into their own vision.

It all started back in 2011 when Xiorelis Cox, Gene Cox and Elvis Ferrer wanted to share their sustainable passion for design and eco products, carefully selecting items that were eco and accesible to the public.

The store did not started as it looks today. Products like eco cleaning products, solar panel backpacks, and a eco remodeling section are examples of the products that use to populate the store. The products, the look and feel were very different but through the years the concept of sustainability have been kept. 

The store took many turns before understanding the Midtown need for an outstanding gifts boutique. A shop where they can get a special item for their bosses, co-wokers, friends, family or even for themselves. Midtown as the home for professional the store finds itself to be useful for everybody to create connections with gifts. 

Even though the evolution of the Eco Denizen finds that they can 
And that is how the idea of sustainable products came to Midtown for their citizens and guest to choose from our curated, local, fair-trade, eco and sustainable products to give as a gift to others or themselves.